The US Open 2009 – Predictions for Men’s Tennis

To many, the apex of the tennis season happens at the US Open. A development of four huge homerun competitions and a long tennis season all meets up with a delightful competition in New York during probably the best season.

For the individuals who haven’t had the honor to appreciate Flushing Meadows face to face, the TV inclusion might give a brief look into the magnificence of this scenery, yet seeing it in person carries things to another level.

Right away, we should investigate the competitors during the current year’s title, with some examination encompassing every likely champ.

Juan Martin del Potro: Here is a player who can’t be neglected. The youthful Argentine, still only 20 years of age, had an enormous hard court season in 2008, winning four straight competitions paving the way to the US Open, and 23 straight matches inside that range. This is the second tennis predictions longest series of wins by a young person in the Open Era, behind Rafael Nadal, who obviously, won the main part of his matches on mud. Del Potro arrived at the quarterfinals essentially year’s open, yet was held back by Andy Murray in a four set nailbiter. Murray proceeded to progress to the finals. This is every one of the a sign that a further developing Del Potro can’t be ignored at the current year’s competition.

Andy Roddick: Andy Roddick is reasonably the main American confident at huge homerun occasions, and has stayed that way for a long while. For quite a while, Roddick frequently involved the 5-8 seeds, albeit such a high cultivating was basically useless given the predominance of top 3 players Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. Federer has since encountered some insecurity, Nadal has battled with injury, and Djokovic’s psychological distraction has impacted his presentation, in this manner opening the entryway for players like Roddick to have a quantifiable effect. Roddick won his main huge homerun at the US Open in 2003, however this seems like a very long time prior in the tennis world. All things considered, a recently animated Roddick (with an accentuation on wellness) made the Wimbledon last, and played a unimaginable match against Roger Federer, almost crushing him. Between Roddick’s energy, his gigantic serve, and the soul of the home group behind him, Andy Roddick’s chances can’t be limited at the 2009 US Open.

Andy Murray: Last year’s finalist, and the world’s number 3 positioned player. A spot since quite a while ago held by Novak Djokovic, Murray has broken genuine ground with his development into the main 3, and his loss of Rafael Nadal finally year’s US Open elimination round demonstrates that Andy Murray has a real shot to get through to the finals again this year. Nonetheless, Murray was handily crushed by Roger Federer finally year’s conclusive (straight sets), so he might have to show some stamped improvement to have a potential for success would it be advisable for him he get through indeed this year. At only 22 years old, his game is as yet improving, so this is very well conceivable.